Wednesday, October 8, 2008

41 percent fun.

Wow, today I was absolutely no fun. I finished a book, rode the streetcar to work, did some work-related work, worked more at home, thought a bit about work, talked about work, GChatted a little about work, and called my grandmother.

Pathetic. Tomorrow I'm going to get my disposable camera developed, pick up my prescription, and ride my bike to Audubon Park. I know, I know: I totaled my bike last week. But I fixed it today after school. By pushing the handlebars really hard with arms and body. Because I'm Thor.

I guess we all need lazy days. At least Marianne and I solved the Wednesday New York Times crossword in less than half an hour.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Let's not get too liberal when describing how awesome Thor actually is.

I can't speak to that actually, cuz I've never read anything about Thor. But let's run him through the real quick AWESOME TEST:

1) Does he have little dinglies sticking off the side of his head?


So he can't be that awesome. Though by that logic the Flash would often be not-awesome so it's really time for me to admit that I don't know anything.

half an hour, that's crazy fast.