Thursday, October 9, 2008

45 percent fun!

Joe called after school and THANK GOD because I decided to walk to his house in the Marigny, which was like a three-mile walk down Bourbon Street. !!!!!!!!!. How did I not know that Bourbon Street is amazing and weird and wonderful? I mean, I get it, it's all a tourist hoax, but who CARES!? Everyone is drinking in the street and there is live music in LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE BUILDING you pass by, and a high school band was playing in the street, with all the girls dressed in gold jumpsuits dancing, and everyone was wearing costumes or face paint and all the tourists seemed SO HAPPY! I loved it. I know I'm not supposed to have loved it, but I totally loved it. I wanted to go into the sports bars and watch the Dodgers game. I REALLY wanted to sing Karaoke. I kind of wanted to take off all my clothes and get on stilts.

But instead we went to the Nighthawks restaurant in the Marigny and talked about Muppets. Did you think "Follow that Bird" was a truly disturbing movie? I didn't, but Joe did. Other films discussed and their premises:
1. We're Back (A good-hearted scientist grants the wishes of virtually all the children on earth by bringing back dinosaurs and turning them friendly and there is an evil circus man and they defeat him and it is awesome).
2. Muppets in Space (Gonzo wonders what he is exactly and channels some aliens but then he gets kidnapped and they have to rescue him but it is still awesome).
3. All the other Muppet Movies (usually Kermit is the hero).
4. Muppet Christmas Carol (It's the Christmas Carol, but it is with Muppets, and it is awesome).

We also talked about MythBusters. I think MythBusters is my absolute favorite show. Or How I Met Your Mother. And now I'm watching MythBusters forever on SurfTheChannel and I probably won't ever stop.

I did a lot of other fun things after school. One of the main things I did was that I did not cry. And it was a really, really hard day at school. It was one of those hit-your-head-against-the-wall kinds of days; the defeated kind; the kind of day where you desperately want to quit. And I even fell down a whole flight of stairs. Still: No tears.

Another main thing I did today was caught a gecko.

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