Sunday, October 26, 2008

71 percent fun!

Yesterday I actually spent eight hours in line just to VOTE EARLY. It was kind of cool -- hundreds of people waiting in line a full week before election day just to do their civic duty, giving up their Saturdays, you know -- but on the other hand, I had to give up my Saturday. And I had plans, let me tell you. There were like ten festivals I wanted to go to. And I didn't get to go to them. I sat at City Hall. For 8 hours.

But I was fun as possible at City Hall:
  • When we all got shoved into the back room for "phase 3" of waiting I started a sing-along of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like." And people TOTALLY participated.
  • I met six people. One had spent several years in Tanzania volunteering, and one claimed to make the greatest sweet tea in all of Louisiana and said I could come over and have some.
  • I made a collage using chewed gum and various How-To-Run-From-Hurricanes packets and pamphlets
  • I bought three packs of Lifesavers from the vending machine and taught the little girl behind me how to play Lifesaver Solitaire. Then we ate them. And her dad thought that was gross and she wasn't allowed to hang out with me anymore. Which was too bad for him because we were stuck in line together for eight hours.
  • I read the entirety of Scott Pilgrim Volume II. This is my new favorite comic book. Thanks Nadim!
  • Beat ALL HIGH SCORES on cell phone Bejeweled!
Other weekend highlights:
  • Ran into Weezy (plus body guards) on Magazine. No big thang. HE COMPLIMENTED MY BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!! Whatever. Happens to everyone.
  • TV on the Radio
  • Saw Assassins at the little theatre in the French Quarter.
  • Aidan had his first beigniet. BFD.
  • Lasagna and gin and tonics at Leah's where we played Clue.
  • I finally watched Camp Rock. And then I puked all over myself.
TODAY is the PUMPKIN PARTY. My favorite day of the ENTIRE YEAR. Besides the day in the spring when it has been raining all week and all the flowers bloom and then FOR ONE DAY it is sunny and beautiful and I skip school. But pumpkin party day is definitely number two. My parents used to throw the best Halloween parties every year. Now a good pumpkin party co-thrower is my only prerequisite for marriage. Good partnership in crime is also favorable. Also good hair. And good-smelling deodorant. And a general liking of dogs, Star Wars, comic books, and the NBA. I guess I'm pickier than I thought.

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CT said...

Barack Obama isn't a native born American, so he can't be president! At least that's what G. Gordon Liddy told me...