Sunday, October 12, 2008

48 percent fun!

You know, it wasn't like it was all that exceptional a day. The sky was bordering-on-cloudy all day, and there were a lot of tourists passing through my day, and Satchmo has been going crazy with his need to chirp at me CONSTANTLY. It wasn't exceptional save one exceptional thing:

I bought a car.

It's perfect. It's clean inside and leathery the way Daryl was and it smells like crayons like Daryl and it has A CD PLAYER (!!!), and really nice speakers and the cup holders aren't broken and it only has 70,000 miles on it so far and everything WORKS. And it's a Volvo. I feel like I've been sleeping with someone I never really loved; someone I was just doing mindlessly because I thought I was supposed to. And sure, he seemed okay, but my heart was never in it, and I felt dirty and wanted to take a long shower and cry the morning after. But now I feel like I've climbed back into bed with the person I truly belong with. Oh new Volvo! You give me the feeling of having perpetually warm and delicious cupcakes neverendingly available for my consumption! You make me feel right and safe, and it's not just because of your dual airbags or Best Safety Rating awards. It's deeper between you and me, Volvo. Our souls are kindred. Who knew a car could be so much a part of one's being?

The only name that is really clicking for me with this car is "Carol." I only know one Carol, and she is actually the best person I've ever met (genuinely good, kind, compassionate, you get the picture). She's Alex's mom, though, and I'm worried that naming my car after her might make it weird if I ever crashed. I mean... will I always be attaching this car to this woman? I don't know. I named my bike Kim, and I knew that a lot of that had to do with the fact that the bike reminds me a lot of my best friend Kim from Chicago. And I crashed the bike and I didn't feel like Kim in Chicago had some kind of VooDoo attachment to that collision. Still... I don't know. But look at that car. Doesn't that car just kind of look like a Carol? Well, I'm not writing it in ink just yet. We'll give it some time. The Volvo and I are just getting to know each other.

Man. Just seeing the word "Volvo" makes me gleeful... Am I a soccer mom already?

Other highlights of my day:
- Met Marianne's David. He's like a more cynical, vastly more male version of Marianne. They're really cute together, and entertaining. Their little arguments are fodder for some high-end playwright, I'm sure. It's all terribly intelligent and amusing. You know what I mean. They're the kind of people you like to watch talk to each other.
- Went to the French Quarter and ate Beignets and thought actively about how perfect this city is. Again. I fall more and more in love with New Orleans every day. I think I'm doomed to love whatever place I am in. This country is amazing to me. I find home everywhere I go, it seems.
- Wandered around the Marigny alone. Tried on dresses. Drank coffee.
- Discovered the greatest coffee shop in the city. It's called Zotz and I think it's a shotgun house converted by artists into a Portland-indie coffee space. THEY HAVE VEGAN THINGS THERE, AND THEY CALL THEM "VEGAN." This is startling because I have literally never heard another person in New Orleans utter or even understand the meaning of the word. It was like I was momentarily transported to the Pacific Northwest for like an hour and half.
- Went to the New Orleans Film Festival with Leah, Hannah, Hannah's parents, and a beautiful woman named Shaneka (sp?). We saw "In Search of a Midnight Kiss." It was about finding love on Craigslist. It was a total candy-emo dramedy type movie. Kind of like... "Garden State" meets "Coffee and Cigarettes" but with more montages and more kissing and kind of a little bit funnier at times and a little more honest at times. And at times it was a lot cheesier and there was even a part where the lead girl in the movie (not pretty enough, not likable enough) was telling the lead male in the movie (Conor Oberst much?) about PostSecret as if it was the obscure modern art project that was soooo cool and indie and underground. And that was kind of sickening. She was all like, "there's this artist who asked all these people to write their secrets on these postcards and blahbalhblahblahbl." And he was all like, "Oh my GOD! That's so COOL! How UNIQUE! I have NEVER HEARD OF THIS PROJECT!" And we moviegoers were all like, "Um, you mean PostSecret?" Anyway, it was a B-Movie. But it was still really fun. And I cried one time.
- Went to Steph Berger's birthday party and was reminded about all the people here who I know but never see. She played "All I Want for Christmas Is You." That ruled.
- Washington Square Park in the evening with David, Marianne, Joe. Was invited into The Clubhouse (under the palm tree in the park) by The Most Adorable Six-Year-Old There Has Ever Been, Seriously. That was lovely.
- Watched "Matilda" and ate pizza.

It was a pretty productive day. I got locked out of the house and realized tomorrow I'm going to need to do things like "make keys" and "process worklike documents." Oh well. I'm also going to sleep in, so all will not be lost.

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Alex said...

That Volvo is a luxury TANK! Silver is totally in. Bucket seats?

Also, I TOTALLY called it on Zotz. Points for me.