Sunday, October 19, 2008

64 percent fun!

Things I saw with some students on our hike today at the Barataria Swamps:

times 12.

I mean, there were about twelve of them. That we saw. Some were chillin' on logs, some were swimmin' around with fish, some were hangin' out like one foot away from our feet off the swamp trail. Students gave them creative names like "Swimmer" (for the swimming one), "Boredalot" (for the boring one on the log), and "Big One" (for the big one).

When I told Marianne we saw an armadillo she said, "Now how is that different from an alligator?" And I said, "Um... it's an armadillo."

Now, I know what you are saying to yourself. You are saying, "Sophie, that is nothing but a common egret. You could see dozens of those at Audubon Park every day." To this I would say, "HA, you birding n00b! That is NO COMMON EGRET!!! It's a WHITE MOTHERFUCKING IBIS."


Alex said...

I never know how to pronounce Ibis.

Alli said...

there are three different ways to prounounce the "i"s. which means there are nine different possible pronunciations for ibis. i'm going with eebees.

sophie said...

no guys.. it's short vowel-sound "i." i am just assuming that because to my english major sensibility that appeals.