Wednesday, October 15, 2008

50 percent fun.

I know, I know. We were making such gains. But I didn't go to a jazz club tonight in favor of watching the debates and thinking about how fat I am, and that was an unfun choice. They were the least fun debates of all tonight, even though Barack Obama was clearly the victor (ahhh-gain), because McCain directly attacked Obama's character and that made me feel icky. You know, like when a mean bully fat kid picks on the angelic teacher who calls him out on his mean-bully ways. McCain looks like an old, disgruntled oompa loompa. Un. Fun. Coulda skipped it.

All my friends are unhappy. The weather is beginning to turn. My job suddenly got really, really hard.

But that didn't stop me from finding a warblers' nest by the dumpster near Rabouin, or from getting my car towed finally, or from enjoying the crunching sound of emptying my Mac-trash. Small pleasures, always.

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