Thursday, October 16, 2008

54 percent fun!

Wow guys, I am SO MUCH FUN I can't even STAND it.

It's later than I'd like it to be, but I have to wait for these cupcakes to finish baking, so I have exactly that long (probably like ten more minutes) to blog about my terribly exciting and fun life.

We have half-days at school for exam testing, which means all the kids are frantically coming up to the ARC room to get "help" (read: desperately try to cheat) on their tests. I shouldn't say that; it's only true of a few kids, and I actually find it oddly endearing in some ways. In other ways, I find it annoying because it's terribly difficult to provide accommodations for all our students at one time. We do our best.

I stayed way late after school helping prep for the GEE which is a total and complete nightmare, but was good for bonding with Jayda and Kristen and Chelsea and Ms. Holly. Then I rode my bike (with its ADORABLE new handlebars) home and dyed my hair and watched "The X-Files." If I'm going to weigh 9000 pounds I might as well have non-skanky hair, right?

So that was KIND OF fun. Then it seemed like I was probably just going to pass out and not do any fun stuff. But INSTEAD I bought pizza and beer and went to Joe's to watch the Sox game and DIDN'T get drunk (honestly!) and watched the Presidential Roast on NBC and OH MY GOD Barack Obama's speech was funnier, smarter, and quicker than anything I've seen on The Daily Show recently. I was utterly floored. Joe was guffawing with such force I thought he was going to lose a lung or something. It was... phenomenal. Really, really good. Exactly what I needed after those debates last night...

And THEN after THAT (because that really should have been enough, right?) I went to Bourbon Street and stuck to my jazz club word. I visited Fritzels. Fritzels is a German-themed jazz club, and when I say "German-themed" I mean that all the waitresses are vaguely foreign (some are definitely Asian, which is... not really all that close to Germany, but C'est La Vie) and there are lots of German posters on the wall and the club is called "Fritzels." Which sounds a lot like "pretzels." But that didn't really deter me.

I ordered something with Kahlua and milk in it (I've never had a cocktail like that before -- it was fine but not great and I'm sticking to whiskey from now on; I'm just not a sweet drinker), and I read my book amidst all the aging, white tourists who were there to get a sense of New Orleanian jazz flavor. And they got it: The band was classy and they played mostly Dixieland-type numbers. I was especially in love with the trombonist and the trumpet player (mostly because they used mutes a lot, and I think mutes on brass instruments are about the sexiest thing in the known universe), but the tuba player was also really spectacular. It was a straight-up, good band. And no cover! All the little old ladies with their Mardi Gras beads in the audience looked so HAPPY, too. And that was really moving to me for some reason. I sketched them in my notebook...

One of these days I'll put up some pictures, but for now I have to take out my cupcakes and call it a night. Call me one of these days, okay? Despite my funness I'm kind of lonely.

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