Thursday, September 18, 2008

1 percent fun.

FUCK. TODAY. TODAY FUCKING SUCKED. NOTHING good happened today. I got HIT by a kid in a FIGHT. Actually, what better captures today is when a kid snapped at me, "I ain't gotta do what you say, you ain't no REAL teacher. You a retard." And then he spat a big, fat lougie on me.

And I checked my e-mail and the BEST thing I got was something from Alex that said that Jared the Subway guy is actually alive. I've been telling people he's dead for months now. Because I found it on some blog. And then I felt really, really dumb. So guess what?! THAT E-MAIL ALSO MADE ME FEEL SHITTY. FUCK. THIS. I give up on life. I can no longer pursue being fun. I am back to being miserable and UNFUN. Me. Under. Covers. Now.

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