Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 percent fun, going strong.

It was almost a growth day. Almost. Satchmo is lying on my bed in that kind of pathetic "you-must-be-having-a-bad-day" kind of way, so I must be having a bad day. But I'm not, really. It was an average day. It was a Wednesday.

I got Avery to do PERFECT phonics today, for the absolute first time, and it was one of those awesome Oh-My-God-I'm-A-Teacher moments TFA loves to put in their soupy little spiral-bound manuals. But then Avery was like, "Where Alex is? He be my teacher? I want a MAN in my life!" This is like the sixth day he's said this. Alex was there for seriously 40 minutes of ONE DAY and he read Avery a Barenstein Bears book or something and had him do sight words. I mean, I know he's great and everything, but COME ON. Get over it already, Avery!

OH ALSO: The "scoissant" that was so good I had to keep going back for more was officially RUINED today when the owner of the coffee shop told me it was actually just a double-drop buttermilk biscuit with honey glaze. I bought one and took it back to school and the magic was gone. It tasted like a normal biscuit with a weirdly sweet exterior. Oh well, I guess that's good for my pocketbook (pocketbook? Who says "pocketbook" besides my vaguely British grandmother?)

I went to a SpEd workshop tonight and actually found it really enjoyable and that made me feel like I was probably less fun than I had otherwise thought. Because in no universe should anyone ever find mandatory TFA workshops enjoyable on Wednesday nights.

First lay-out night for The Pioneer is apparently tonight, too. This is the first time I've missed it since my freshman year. Even the year I was in Chicago I was there on the phone for the long haul. I'm pulling for them, but secretly hoping they get a 5 a.m. wake-up call from Maureen at the printing press about some malfunction. Because we used to get those Every. Single. Week. And it's time for someone else to bear the brunt of it.

Hey one time I read an article by someone who said that people who write words with periods after them for dramatic emphasis Like. This. were really annoying. Is that true?

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CT said...

Although the link didn't work for a while due to my propensity for typos, I added you to the friends list on my blog. It's not only because you're great in and of yourself, but also because I'm also trying to increase my fun percentage, so I found it superbly relatable.