Thursday, September 25, 2008

15 percent fun!

Joe says 15 percent fun, Lauren says 17 percent fun, Marianne says 53 percent fun, but I am going to be modest.

They are all sitting around. Marianne asked me, "If today were a biome what biome would it be?" and I said, "Temperate grassland" (after Wikipediaing it.)

I'm drunk right now.

Lauren was on a soccer team once called The Tundra.

Maybe I'm post-drunk.

Annnnyway. Tonight was Board Game Night #1 -- and the consensus was that it was an enormous SUCCESS. Here is a PhotoBooth blog photo. Of GAME NIGHT.

I am about to type something really inappropriate that I shouldn't be allowed to type on the Internet.

How much did I have to drink tonight?: 1/2 of a beer. Pathetic.

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