Sunday, September 28, 2008

37 percent fun!

It was a really mellow day. I'll put it this way:

I woke up at 8 a.m. and watched Raiders of the Lost Arc finally FOR THE FIRST TIME. I'm sorry, universe, but how come NONE OF YOU told me that this was the greatest movie of all time?! NOT ONE OF YOU. You all said it was good, but no one sat me down in a big chair and forced me to watch this movie as you should have. SHAME ON YOU, UNIVERSE. SHAME.

Also: I'm trying to decide which Star Trek is better: Wrath of Khan or First Contact. I get that they're kind of like apples and oranges, but which is better?

Also: I watched Die Hard again today and I'm probably going to watch it again RIGHT NOW and THAT is what makes me so much goddamned fun.

(A note: Many people fail to understand how the percentage system works. You can't just go from 0 percent fun to 100 percent fun, people. It's not like the weather. It does not change erratically. It's gradual growth, you know? Like... weight loss. It's like weight loss. Only it's weight gain, and the "weight" is percentage points of fun and/or general awesomeness. Get it? And, like weight loss, it's easier to pig out on an extra large pizza and gain 25 pounds in one day [am I right ladies?] than it is to lose a significant amount of weight. Except here, it's just much easier to slip back to being 0 percent fun than it is to climb back up to 38 percent. OK? We good? So 37 percent fun is actually HUGE. IT'S HUGE, PEOPLE.)

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