Wednesday, September 24, 2008

11 percent fun!

Today was one of the worst days at work, and one of the best days outside of work.

Things that happened while I was at work:
  • A farcically busty parent screamed at me about my job, before dissolving into tears about her job.
  • I accidentally helped a student cheat on a test.
  • I realized students at Rabouin view studying the way they view taking trips to the center of the earth: only necessary NEVER.
  • My cat puked all over my floor.
Things that happened while I was not at work:
  • My bike continued to make me appear about 80 percent more adorable than I actually am.
  • I saw a cheesy-awesome French movie about WWII with Joe at Tulane (this movie had this line in it: "I wanted to devour her like a hot croissant." Joe and I appropriately laughed overtly at the stereotypical Frenchness of this statement).
  • More hanging out with Joe; streetcar riding; acting like college kids; being awesome together.
  • I talked to Kim (non-bike Kim. REAL Kim). More on this soon.

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